Norwich terriers are small, spirited, loving dogs. They were originally developed as ratters and companions for the schoolboys at Cambridge University (UK). Norwich were officially recognized by the AKC in 1936; the breed club is the Norwich Terrier Club of America (NTCA). Our breed standard can be found hereNorwich have a harsh, wiry coat that must be hand-stripped to maintain its texture and function; the breed comes in four coat colors-red, black and tan, grizzle, and red wheaten. In general, Norwich do very well with children, but proper supervision is always required. A securely fenced yard or daily walks ON LEASH are a must-Norwich are an energetic breed with a natural drive to chase squirrels, birds, and other small wildlife. Norwich are generally healthy, but special attention must be paid to the dog' weight, dental care, and breathing. More information on health can be found at the NTCA website. Health testing results for Norwich can be found at OFA. The NTCA requires that Norwich have their eyes, patellae, and hips evaluated in order to recieve a CHIC number.